We rent

We recognise that in some cases, renting is better than buying. Aliter’s network equipment rental service is refurbished IT on a Hardware as a Service (Haas) model, offering you increased flexibility, while still helping you reduce costs and do better for the planet. 

Better than buying

Maximum flexibility and quality

Quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Increase agility without compromising quality. Scale up and scale down as needed. Flexible rental period from 1 week to 1 year.

Free up budget

Enjoy Opex vs Capex financial advantages. Free up budget in economically challenging times. Only pay for what you use and keep full control over the costs.


Making a difference with IT by using refurbished IT Networking equipment. Reducing both e-waste and CO2 emission. Complete with impact reporting and CO2 compensation.

Hardware as a Service

High quality, fully tested IT networking equipment with high level service and customer support. Fast worldwide delivery and advanced replacement services.

“Due to the economic situation, our IT budget has drastically been cut. Renting our network equipment is an ideal workaround. It gives us the flexibility we need.”

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